"I learn something new every time I browse SmallGroups.com. It's well done, contains strong content, and offers extensive linkage to other related Internet sites. If you want fresh ideas or new resources on small-group ministry, do drop by SmallGroups.com."

Warren Bird, researcher and editor on leadership development through small groups
"Ongoing training and support is critical to keeping the small group movement vital and dynamic. The best small group leaders always want more—more information, more ideas, more interaction with like-minded people. SmallGroups.com delivers!"

Sue Kline, Discipleship Journal

"Smallgroups.com provides valuable content for both newbies or veterans of small groups ministry because this website shares our common goal of establishing and growing biblical community, one group at a time."

Carolyn Taketa
"I find your articles very helpful and your website provides a great resource to our church in transition from a church with groups to a church of groups. Thank you…!"


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