The Need for Intentional Christian Community


God created us to live life alongside others. Even before sin entered history, God highlighted the need for humans to be in relationship.

We see intentional community modeled throughout Scripture, and particularly in the Jesus' ministry on earth. Purposefully growing together is a necessary part of thriving in the Christian life.


The early church was born and nurtured through small communities. Believers gathered together in teaching, worship, communion, meals, celebration, correction, and support. They experienced a unity that impacted every area of their lives.

People of 21st century are experiencing more isolation and loneliness than ever before. The negative impact of this reality is becoming more evident each day. The relational structure of small groups is crucial for Christians to connect and flourish. Spending consistent time in the small-group environment allows real, Spirit-led relationships to form and grow.


Our hurting world sees how Christians treat one another. Jesus tells us that non-believers will know us by our love for each other. Life lived in the way of small groups demonstrates the gospel in action.

When relational community is done well, it bears a powerful witness to the love of Christ and compels those on the outside to want to see more. Building a thriving small-group ministry lays the foundation for creating communities that change lives.